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Inflight Entertainment

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There are only so many things you can do during a flight, no matter if it’s a long trip or a short hop from London to Cologne. Most of the time, you’re tied to your seat. And what is the preferred way to kill time for most people? Exactly, games! Unlike listening to music or watching a movie, games really keep you busy. You interact and forget time.

There are different ways how our games could be offered to airline passengers.

  • If the airline offers a WiFi in their planes, our games can be uploaded to the plane’s server and made available to all current passengers on their own smartphones, tablets or laptops.
  • If a plane has built-in screens for their in-flight entertainment, our games can be integrated in such a system, since they all are developed for touch screen use in the first place. If the system supports games in HTML5 technology, our games are the perfect way to expand the entertainment selection.
  • A dedicated app that customers can download before the flight, consisting of a selection of games.

No matter which way is the most suitable, each game will feature your brand and logos, can be customized in its design or content-wise and will work as a high-quality entertainment product to keep your passengers happy, relaxed and engaged with your company.


Show us your game!

Please note: We are currently only looking for games which are full responsive in both landscape and portrait mode and work in mobile as well as desktop browser. They should have a dynamic UI which adapts to the orientation and no ingame texts at all (except for the title).

If you have a suitable game, please submit a link for review! We will get back to you with the next steps as quickly as we can.

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