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Branded HTML5 Games

Games have always been a very powerful marketing tool. A game reskin will enable your customer to interact with your brand and create a positive image in his mind. And they work on many levels through a mostly emotional approach - they increase your range of coverage, generate leads, serve as conversion tool, boost brand awareness and ultimately increase your customer loyalty. Branded HTML5 games are a fantastic tool for long-term brand awareness and short-term campaigns alike.

Our Advergames are not mere advertising material with minimal gameplay. Instead, we focus on the quality of the game itself, which enables your brand to be implemented into a highly addictive and sophisticated entertainment product. Thus your Advergame will generate the highest possible impact and click-through-rates twice as high compared to standard banner ads.

  • (Social) Marketing Campaigns

    • Convey your Message with a Game
    • It’s a Brand Experience
    • Interactive & Replayable
  • Brand Awareness

    • Your Brand perfectly represented
    • Interactive and Tangible
    • Long-term brand recognition
  • Generate Leads

    • High Involvement with your Product
    • Convert Players to Leads
    • Convert Leads to Customers

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