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The best cross-platform games gathered in one spot! You can choose from hundreds of HTML5 Games to perfectly engage your visitors amongst all devices, optimize your retention rate and maximize your monetization. You can just pick a few games or set up your very own comprehensive gaming portal for free. You are in full control of content, SEO and marketing. Easy peasy! The only thing you can’t do with it, is order Pizza. Yet.

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Lars Tillmann, Head of Business Development

Has no clue how to develop a game, but knows what it takes to make an HTML5 game successful. And therefore happily helps to find the perfect games for your business model. (Apparently he also has enough time to write these description texts).

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Please note: We are currently only looking for games which are full responsive in both landscape and portrait mode and work in mobile as well as desktop browser. They should have a dynamic UI which adapts to the orientation and no ingame texts at all (except for the title).

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