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3D Basketball

3D Basketball - Nothing but Net

Needless to say, the goal is to throw the ball into the basket. That’s basic basketball knowledge, people! However in our 3D basketball game you are not literally throwing, but swiping with your finger (or mouse cursor) across the screen. If you get the power and angle just right, the ball will find its way into the basket and - if you are REALLY good - make that SWOOSH sound that every basketball player wants to hear. Nothing but net!

Of course it’s not about scoring one point, but many. In fact you need to score as many points in 45 seconds as you can. And take our advice when we say: being quick really helps. If you have found out the right speed to swipe with and the ball flies in the general direction of the basket, try swiping like there is no tomorrow. You have unlimited balls, so no worries. During your swiping rage, you will automatically switch positions in front of the basket, move from the foul line to the side, then to the 3-point line and so on.

If you score three points in a row, the following balls will catch fire or even start to glow in rainbow colors if you are on a streak - until you miss one. Then it’s all back to regular. We actually managed to get 414 points. Can you beat this score?


  • HTML5 3D Basketball
  • 45 second rounds
  • Highscore ball game
  • Easy swipe controls
Lars Tillmann, Head of Business Development

Has no clue how to develop a game, but knows what it takes to make an HTML5 game successful. And therefore happily helps to find the perfect games for your business model. (Apparently he also has enough time to write these description texts).

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