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Find 500 Differences

Find 500 Differences

Find the Difference games have been a source of puzzling fun for generations now and they are even more enjoyable on your smartphone. They are very similar to your classic hidden object game, but due to stunning HD photographies in superb quality they are even more relaxing and perfect for every kind of player.

In this “Spot the Difference” game you have over 100 puzzling HD images and 500 differences to find. It is the perfect puzzle game for kids and adults with beautiful images from many different areas. Cute animals, breathtaking scenery, pulsating city streets or relaxing holiday hot spots - we have gathered the most interesting images to create a fun, relaxing and motivating experience.

Compare each two images and find the 5 hidden differences to proceed to the next. The faster you are the more likely it is that you earn all 3 stars for each level. And if you really can’t find one or more of the differences in a picture there is always the hint feature. Tap on the magnifying glass at the lower left and the game will reveal one difference to you. But be aware that this may affect your star rating for this particular picture.

Despite earning stars for each level this is a wonderful and relaxing experience for adults, kids and everyone in between.


  • 500 Differences
  • Animals, Vacation, Buildings, Scenery and more
  • Hint Feature
  • HD Pictures
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