Playable Ads - Qualified App Installs with HTML5 Gamified Ads

Generating qualified app installs is one of the most challenging tasks in the current casual gaming business. Getting your app to the top of the App Store and Google Play Store is a long journey, only rarely crowned by success. It’s a shark tank, where only the big sharks survive.

And if it wasn’t already hard enough to have such strong and numerous competition, there are several other obstacles to overcome besides that. One of them being really low click and conversion rates through classic banner ads, both in web environment and in other apps. And we’re not even speaking about the ridiculously high user acquisition costs.

But we can help. Ever heard of Playable Ads? What is this, you ask? Well, let us explain a bit about this marvellous area of Advertainment:

Gamified Ads enable a user to not only see a regular static or animated ad. Instead he can really play the game within the ad, without lag and in the quality of the actual game. With this “try-before-you-install” approach you generate pre-qualified installs, which will multiply your conversion rate by a big chunk. And as a very positive side effect, the uninstall rate is much lower than usual.

How does it work?
There are two different options:

  • We generate a playable and MRAID-compliable HTML5 game banner that is shown as a mobile ad in other apps or on mobile web. It is basically a lite version of your app with full playability, only restricted by the time the user is able to play. There is no “click-to-play”, so the user can immediately start playing. Afterwards he will be gently pushed towards the actual app and download it. Playable Ads generate a much higher Click-Through-Rate than other forms of advertisement.
  • We build an HTML5 game based on your app and prompt the user to download the full app from within the game. This is actually not a just playable ad, but a real playable full quality part of your app. The interesting thing about this alternative is, that we will spread the HTML5 game across our huge network of publishers across the world, generating maximum visibility for the HTML5 version and the app accordingly with high CTA conversion rates. Through our Famobi network we are able to distribute the game to over a thousand portals.

Show us your game!

Please note: We are currently only looking for games which are full responsive in both landscape and portrait mode and work in mobile as well as desktop browser. They should have a dynamic UI which adapts to the orientation and no ingame texts at all (except for the title).

If you have a suitable game, please submit a link for review! We will get back to you with the next steps as quickly as we can.

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