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Knife Rain

Knife Rain

Throw a lot of knives into a lot of rotating wooden disks. If you wanted a quick description of what Knife Rain is about, this is it. And to be honest, there is not so much more that really needs explaining in this game. It’s one of the classic cases of “incredibly simple, super addictive”. But there are a few things to consider, of course.

As mentioned, the main goal is as simple as it sounds. Throw a knife by tapping the screen or clicking your mouse and it will automatically fly towards the wooden disk. In the beginning it really is that easy. But of course you will encounter obstacles, for example in the form of other knives already sticking out of the lumber. If you hit one of those, it’s an instant game over. Avoid them and aim for the gaps. It can get pretty crowded with knives on the surface of a lumber disk. The problem is that you have to get rid of all the knives indicated in the lower left corner of your screen. So you might have to squeeze them in there. Not so easy if there is only one good spot left and the disk rotates in alternating speeds and directions.

Every five levels you will face a boss level, which generally confronts you with a more challenging task. Over time you will be awarded with new types of knives (or other things that you could throw into trees, if you feel like it), from box cutters to wrenches to USB sticks. Alright, we don’t know how a USB stick would be a good choice for this, but it’s just a game, so don’t complain.

Are you ready to dive into the art of digital knife throwing and claim your high score?


  • HTML5 Knife Throwing
  • Hundreds of levels
  • Regular and boss modes
  • Simple but addictive
  • Hours of fun
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