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Onet World

Onet World

Welcome to Onet World! Create a beautiful place where cute little animals can live happily and peacefully together. In this link Mahjong game, you start with a polluted and desolate piece of land. Clean everything up, earn coins and get your first animal - now you're all set to adopt more furry and non-furry friends!

Your task: Find identical pairs of animal tiles on the field and remove all of them to complete a level. Try to clear as many levels as you can to earn points and coins. The gameplay is easy to learn: tap on an animal to select it and tap on a matching tile to create a pair. The path between two tiles can't have more than three lines or two 90-degree angles.

Each level has a different field with obstacles or tiles which move in a certain direction. Connect animals with special icons to earn bonus time, power ups or extra points and use your power ups if you are stuck. Shuffle will rearrange all tiles on the field, the magnifier automatically matches two animals and the clock power up freezes your board for a short while. Stay focused and keep an eye on the time - once it is up, the game ends immediately!

So what’s the best way to earn a high score on the leaderboard? The further you progress, the more points you will get. If you are quick enough and clear Mahjong pairs within a few seconds in a row, your multiplier increases and gives you a nice extra boost to your score.

Build your world and use your coins to adopt new animals in the shop. Tap the gacha machine to receive animals, toys and other fancy items your little friends will love! Spin the wheel to win power ups and try to collect all animals and items in your Onet World! Can you earn a top spot on the leaderboards?


  • Save your progress online and play on every device!
  • Reach a top spot on the leaderboards
  • Collect cute animals and build your Onet World
  • Suitable for all ages

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