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You are a tiny worm. Well, not really, but in Wiggle you play as a cute little invertebrate who is fleeing from the flood and has to cover as much distance as possible. And as if life isn't hard enough already, there are many dangerous obstacles on your way.

Avoid everything that slows you down which means don't bump into walls and steer clear of the fuzzy blue balls who so desperately need a friend that they stick to you and don't let go. In case you are unlucky though, you have to make tough decisions - it's all about survival, right?! To get rid of your new blue buddies, quickly use a ramp or drop them into holes while making sure to not fall into a hole yourself. Collect pink dots to recover stamina and pick up rainbow dots to recover even more stamina. Grab a shield to feel safe for a few seconds and if that still isn't enough action, you can dribble a soccer ball and pick up helpful stuff like coins, magnets or boosts.

Unfortunately though, you can't escape fate, so try to make the best out of it and wiggle your little worm as far as you can to earn a high score!


  • Skill-based gameplay
  • Cute, minimalist graphics
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Endless Wiggle fun

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