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Onboard Entertainment - HTML5 games for trains and buses

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Onboard Entertainment Train & Bus

When people have to spend time in public transportation they spend most of their time using their smartphones. A big chunk of this usage is dedicated to entertainment, mostly games. With HTML5 games from Famobi you can offer your passengers high-quality HTML5 games through your own Wifi service.

  • HTML5 Games through WiFi service
  • Biggest HTML5 games catalogue in the world
  • Increase customer loyalty and brand awareness
  • Optional free hosting possible

HTML5 Games for Onboard Entertainment

Let’s be honest, sitting in trains and buses can be tedious from time to time. So why not offer a dedicated onboard entertainment solution portal with the help of our high-quality HTML5 games for public transport and keep your customers entertained? Most people play mobile games on short and long journeys anyway. Take the chance and let them play the highest quality HTML5 games available. People stay connected to your company and brand, they get involved. Onboard Games can be a great means to increase customer loyalty through quality content, optionally even combined with sweepstakes, highscores and other features that create an emotional bond with your company.

Our games are prepared to be instantly uploaded to your own servers, which enables you to offer them via your own WiFi solution in trains or buses. Optionally we can host the onboard games free of charge on Famobi servers, avoiding hosting related costs, technical implementation and constant updating for you.

HTML5 Games for public transport are the number one source for entertainment on mobile devices.

How does it work?

There is one premise we like to follow, and that is to make everything as easy for the client as possible. Basically this means you pick the games you want from our catalogue of over 500 HTML5 games and either upload them on your servers or let them stay hosted on ours. That’s it.

All our games are optimized for smartphones, tablets and of course PCs and laptops. It doesn’t matter what device your passengers bring on their journeys. They can play on all of them.

Contact us

Ilker Aydin, CEO

He is the only believer in the world that "Back to Web" will happen soon. To accelerate this mission, ilker deep dives into game development with many new technologies. Working on new concepts day and night.

However, do not hesitate to contact him for for license inquiries. He will be happy to assist you with any question.

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Buy Games

We have a considerable amount of games available for purchase. If you buy one of our HTML5 game licenses, you can publish it whenever you want and for how long you want. It’s yours, after all. Lifetime. With a one-time payment you will receive tested, optimized and successful games, that already earned their stripes on the worldwide HTML5 games market.

Rent Games

Our subscription service is the most convenient and easy way to publish Famobi games. Based on the amount of games you pick, you will pay a fixed monthly subscription fee accordingly. It doesn’t matter if it’s only one or all of our more than 500 HTML5 games, we will make you a customized offering tailored to your individual needs.

Show us your game!

Please note: We are currently only looking for games which are full responsive in both landscape and portrait mode and work in mobile as well as desktop browser. They should have a dynamic UI which adapts to the orientation and no ingame texts at all (except for the title).

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