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Imagine your customer just having ordered his food and now having to wait around 5 minutes until he receives his order. What will he do in these 5 minutes? If he is alone, he is most likely to grab his phone to pass the time.

But why letting your customers be distracted from your brand, when you could actually keep them entertained? Let them play branded games on your very own games portal or offer them specific games built into your public website. There are different ways to keep your customer attached to your brand.

  • Offer branded HTML5 games for certain products through your restaurant’s WiFi
  • Offer branded high quality games from within your public website
  • Add highscores, sweepstakes or competition to games
  • Use them as a cost-effective and long-term customer loyalty tool
  • and more

Games are an effective means to build up customer loyalty and increase the customer lifetime value.


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