HTML5 games as value-added service for telco operators

Games for VAS Value Added Service

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Offering value-added service to customers has proven to be a powerful tool in many ways. It helps build customer loyalty, you can offer services your customers would otherwise look for elsewhere and it gives you an additional revenue stream.

Especially games are one of the services people will happily spend money on, e.g. with a subscription to gain access to the best HTML5 games on the market. This is already an established business model, just like Netflix and Spotify, where people happily pay to gain access to quality content in a protected environment.

But this on only one idea how games can be helpful to boost your KPIs.

  • Establish a games store with a periodical subscription
  • Offer single games with one-time payment for offline use
  • Integrate virtual currency or loyalty points for your customers
  • Connect the VAS directly with your products
  • Implement your brand into every game easily

Show us your game!

Please note: We are currently only looking for games which are full responsive in both landscape and portrait mode and work in mobile as well as desktop browser. They should have a dynamic UI which adapts to the orientation and no ingame texts at all (except for the title).

If you have a suitable game, please submit a link for review! We will get back to you with the next steps as quickly as we can.

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