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Pirate Cards

Pirate Cards

Pirate Cards. Ahoy, Matey! In this rogue-like card game you play as a brave pirate captain plundering...ahem, I mean exploring a far-away island full of unexpected dangers and great treasures. The rules are simple: you can move one step right, left, up or down on the board until you run out of life points and probably end up as dinner for the island's inhabitants. Shiver Me Timbers! Who would have thought that this adventure was so risky!

To survive as long as possible, you need to plan your moves ahead - Pirate Cards is all about the right strategy. Shoot cannons to weaken mean-looking enemies and drink elixirs to recover health. Collect shields to have additional defense and be careful when you smash a barrel as it can contain both helpful and nasty surprises. If you defeat a boss, your hero receives an additional life point, but the bosses' attack power increases every defeat as well.

When you finally have found a treasure chest, you need a steady hand to complete the mini game and open it. Calm your nerves and tap at the right moment to unlock the mechanism or fail and trigger a bomb! Use coins to buy new hero characters with unique talents and get boosters before each round which can give you a decisive advantage.


  • Strategic card game with rogue-like elements
  • Fight enemies and collect treasures
  • Unlock unique characters

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