Why Famobi?

Why Famobi?


    About Famobi

    Famobi offers guaranteed success based on millions of daily gameplays. With new HTML5 games every month, tested and optimized for all devices, we offer the industry’s highest-quality and most diverse gaming catalogue with unbeatable value for money. Ready-to-run even on low-end devices, with low file sizes and no need for localization.

    • Best HTML5 Games with worldwide success
    • Best Price for the highest quality you can find
    • Reach maximum target audience
    • Max. Experience by the best team in the industry

    Pioneers of the HTML5 game industry

    Famobi has been a First Mover in many ways, shaping the industry with new ideas from the beginning.
    Everything we create and invent is based on the needs of our partners and clients, and ultimately the people who play our games. We have been around for a long time, and have an excellent understanding of the target audiences needs and requirements.

    This is why amongst other things we were the first to invent:

    Full Responsive Games

    Some people like to play in landscape mode, others in portrait mode. So why choose when you can have both? All our new HTMl5 games are full responsive and adapt to the needs of the player:

    This does not only make sense on smartphones and tablet, but also in any desktop browser. If you want to open a game in a smaller second browser window, it will adapt to its size and proportions smoothly.

    Text-Free Games

    We have partners from all over the world and naturally a game performs best when you can play it in your native language. To avoid the tedious and costly work of localization our games work without a single line of text.

    Why do you even need words when a game is completely self-explanatory? The answer is: you don’t.

    Premium Games with small File Size

    HTML5 games are always streamed online. This means it is essential to minimize the data consumption on smartphones not connected to WiFi. Although all our games are of high-quality, the files sizes are small enough to not interfere with anyone’s data plan. Our smallest games are around 400KB, the most complex titles with app-like graphics, sounds and overall scope are still not bigger than 20MB at most. But 95% of our games stay well under 10MB.

    3D HTML5 Games

    Building 3D games in HTML5 and have them perform smoothly on even mid-range smartphones is not an easy task, nevertheless people love to play visually stunning 3D games a lot. That’s why we have built quite a few of these 3D HTML5 games already, all with great success and millions of gameplays.

    That’s app-quality right in your browser and without the need to download a large app from Google Play or Apple AppStore.

    Classics in HTML5

    We have more than 15 years experience in casual games and know what people love to play. That’s why we were the first to cover the real classics in HTML5, such as Solitaire, Mahjong and the incredibly successful bubble shooter games of the flash games era.

    The history of Famobi

    The team behind Famobi consists of the most dedicated casual games industry veterans and has been working together for more than a decade, long before anyone even thought about HTML5 games. It all started in the early 2000’s when flash games where the holy grail of casual gaming. Our team had established a flash games network that rivaled the biggest players of the industry, called KaiserGames. With hundreds of millions of impressions every month and thousands of games we quickly became market leader in Germany and Turkey.

    Our German portal “SpielAffe.de” became the most famous games website in the country and ranked among the Top 30 websites in Germany according to official sources.

    And then came HTML5

    Since 2012 already we continuously published HTML5 games to modernize the vast collection of flash games in our network and enable our users to play games on their mobile browser instead of having to download apps from the stores.

    In 2014 then, with more than a decade of experience in the flash games industry, we finally established Famobi as one of the first HTML5 games companies worldwide in order to provide not only gaming portals, but all sorts of partners with the highest-quality HTML5 games on the market.

    After selling our gaming portals to one of Germany’s biggest media content groups, we started to fully focus on Famobi in January 2015. Within a short time we had already surpassed one billion gameplays and since then have again become market leader with the biggest catalogue of games and a variety of clients such as international VAS and Telco operators, airlines, railways, globally operating brands and basically every big gaming portal across the globe.