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We all are subscribers. We subscribe to Netflix, we subscribe to Spotify. We even subscribe to companies delivering us fresh cereal on a weekly basis. Why do we do that? Because it’s easy, it’s convenient, and it offers great quality and quantity to fulfill our needs. And that’s exactly what our game subscription is about. You receive the highest quality HTML5 games on the market for a fixed monthly fee. You know exactly what you’re getting and are able to plan ahead with it.
We’re basically a B2B-Netflix for games.

And the best thing is, our games work on practically any device. PCs, smartphones, tablets, info screens, Digital Signage, public transport or aviation - if it has a screen, you can play our games on it.

We offer games for telco operators and mobile network operators, VAS providers, in-flight entertainment, restaurants and anyone else, who wants to add quality content to their portfolio.

Based on your business model, we would love to make you an offering perfectly tailored to your needs.

  • Guaranteed Quality

    • Full responsive - Phones, Tablets, Laptops
    • Top Performance on all current devices
    • High Retention & Replayability
  • Branded & Clean

    • 100% ad-free
    • Branded Games
    • No outgoing links
  • Ready to run in

    • Public Transportation
    • Restaurants
    • Airplanes & more

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